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The Moving Target:
Successful Strategies in Marketing to Online Students
Do's and Don'ts

What are the latest strategies that are working in attracting online students? What strategies are no longer working as well? What messages are grabbing their attention? What is the latest thinking on creative content that matches up with "personas" and other innovative strategies?
RNL works with hundreds of colleges each year, and does a huge amount of business with the vendors (Google, LinkedIn, etc.) who are constantly changing the rules. What have we learned? What advice would we give to institutional marketers?
Watch this webinar as we discuss:
  1. What is the optimal balance today between SEO, digital marketing, and how are institutions leveraging traditional to "fill the gaps"?
  2. What is on the horizon in digital marketing that we need to start planning for now?
  3. What isn't working anymore? What is taking its place?
  4. What messaging and creative are most likely to attract the students you want?
  5. How are personas most effectively used to connect with your audience?
About the presenters
Erin Minsart, MBA, Vice President of Integrated Marketing, RNL
Erin joined RNL in early 2022 as Director of Digital Strategy, bringing over 20 years of marketing and leadership expertise from the healthcare, nonprofit, consumer services, manufacturing, and telecommunications sectors. As a former higher education instructor, she is passionate about education and ready to apply her broad marketing knowledge within higher education.

Derek Kirby, Director of Marketing Strategy, RNL
Derek has been helping brands connect with audiences for the past 14 years. Over his career, he's worked in various industries, leading teams to use data, research, and creative grit to produce highly effective campaigns that drive results. At RNL, Derek's deep understanding of the student journey and how to impact behavior through omnichannel marketing strategies has helped many institutions increase student engagement and enrollment, specifically for online programs.

Scott Jeffe, Vice President of Graduate and Online Research, RNL
For more than 20 years, Scott has worked with almost 300 institutions in 40+ states to apply market data to strategic decision making in relation to graduate, adult undergraduate, and online programs. Over 20+ years, he has developed expertise in how institutions can align with student demand while upholding institutional mission and values. He is the principal researcher for RNL's 2022 Online Student Recruitment Report, the 2021 RNL Graduate Marketing and Recruitment Practices Report, and 2021 RNL Graduate Student Recruitment Report, and dozens of RNL blogs and articles.
Charles Ramos, Vice President, Graduate and Online Enrollment Management, RNL
Charles Ramos is a veteran of higher education, with over 24 years of experience as an enrollment professional and consultant. He has affected positive change that has equated to increased enrollment and sustainable revenue growth in the undergraduate, graduate, online, and non-traditional markets for over 100 institutions across the United States and Canada.

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