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The Mid-Year Tune Up:
Boosting Fundraising Results for FY23

So, how's your fundraising year going? If you're like most shops, there's at least a few key metrics that are on the watch list. An uncertain economy, massive fundraiser turnover, and competition with other causes are driving a tough fiscal year for many advancement programs. Donor counts are on the rocks, and fundraisers are asking key questions about future pipeline, and revenue.
So, let's chat. We've asked your peers for feedback on the fundraising environment. We've assembled key data on channels: email, phone, texting, and video messages. And we've compiled data on giving days, crowdfunding, and digital campaigns. All to get a picture of what's working and the key challenges that fundraisers face.
Call it a fundraiser counseling session. Call it a mid-year tune up. Call it hanging out with some friends who are facing the same challenges. Whatever you call it, bring your questions, ideas, and insights to share.
Watch this free 30-minute webinar to learn:
  • Results of a new RNL survey about how organizations are trending, what their key priorities are, how leadership is reacting, and key challenges.
  • New data on how multiple channels boost response when used in coordination. Like, a lot.
  • Key strategies for engaging Millennial and Gen X donors, the most generous segment of our supporter base today.
  • Key advice on fundraising in an uncertain economy, and what we've learned from previous experience.
  • The data-driven ammunition you need to keep budget, make strategic decisions, and engage leadership to keep engaging.
About the presenters
Sarah Myksin, Vice President and Senior Consultant, RNL
Sarah leads RNL's senior consultant team, providing data-driven strategy for omnichannel engagement programs. She most recently served as director of annual giving at DePaul University, where she integrated new digital technology, expanding giving day efforts, and launched successful leadership annual giving and crowdfunding programs. Over her 15 years in advancement, she's also held roles at great institutions like American University, Point Park University, Georgetown University, and Wesleyan University, her alma mater.

Becca Widmer, Senior Consultant, RNL
Becca comes to her senior consultant role with a wealth of experience across diverse institutions. Prior to joining RNL, Becca was director of annual giving at Drake University in Iowa. Before that, she was director of annual giving programs at Rollins College, and associate director of annual fund programs at Columbia University. She also spent three years at the University of Iowa Foundation as an annual giving project coordinator and development associate. She's also been a faculty member with Annual Giving Network and has presented at CASE conferences.

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