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Prospective Family Engagement
A Path to Equity Through Access to Information
This webinar highlights data from a 2022 study conducted in collaboration with 30 institutions across the U.S., resulting in the participation of more than 6,000 families of prospective college students.
We share data points highlighting how communication preferences are tied to income and family college experience (first-generation status) and show the lack of equity in access to crucial college planning information. We suggest strategies to ensure better and more equitable access to information.
Watch this session to learn:
  • Why is equity in access to college information key to equity in access to higher education
  • Areas that lack equity in access for prospective families
  • Strategies to increase prospective family access to crucial information
About the presenters
Melanie Casciato, Director for Student Recruitment, Columbia Basin College
Melanie has served in higher education for over 16 years, where she has worked in diverse roles from academic program support, scholarship program management, student employment, financial aid and student recruitment. In addition, she serves on her regional ACAC- PNACAC Executive team in the role of Community College & Transfer Advocacy Chair.

Omar Correa, Vice President of Strategic Enrollment Management, University of St. Thomas
Omar brings 25 years of experience and expertise in enrollment management. Before coming to the University of St. Thomas, Omar served since 2015 as the vice chancellor of enrollment management at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He's also led enrollment management at several institutions in the Midwest, including Loras College (Iowa), Monmouth College (Illinois), Concordia College (Minnesota), and Clarke College (Iowa). At these colleges and universities, he's built a strong track record of exceeding enrollment targets.

Raquel Bermejo, EdD, Associate Vice President Market Research and Planning, RNL
Dr. Raquel Bermejo analyzes existing research, inquiry, and conversion data in addition to conducting original research with college-seeking students and parents to understand the trends and student behaviors. Her research informs and enhances the services the company provides.

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