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What You Need to Know About Student Priorities
Exploring National Trends in Student Satisfaction

Student satisfaction has been linked to institutional graduation rates and individual student retention. But how satisfied are students nationally, and what strategies can you employ to increase student satisfaction on your campus?
Watch this webinar to explore the latest national data on student satisfaction from the 2022 National Student Satisfaction and Priorities Report, based on more than 360,000 student records from 640 institutions. We explore:
  • Overall levels of student satisfaction, with breakdowns by institution type and student population.
  • Student satisfaction trends over the past five years, comparing pre- and post-pandemic results.
  • A closer look at student satisfaction with campus climate related items to see how institutions are performing.
About the presenter
Julie Bryant, Vice President for Student Success, RNL
Julie is responsible for client service to more than 2,700 institutions using the RNL family of satisfaction-priorities assessment instruments, including the Satisfaction Satisfaction Inventory™, the Institutional Priorities Survey™, the Adult Student Priorities Survey™, the Adult Learner Inventory™, the Priorities Survey of Online Learners™, and the Parent Satisfaction Inventory™ as well as other surveys in development.

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