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Student Journey Mapping

The best way to improve the student experience is to understand the current state of the various ways prospective and current students interact with the people, practices, policies, and technology at your institution.
So how do you understand the current experience? RNL recommends doing that through a comprehensive business process analysis that allows you to document your current state of activity and then, through a gap analysis that identifies where students might be slipping through the cracks—or otherwise be having less than an optimal experience. This gap analysis provides the basis to make improvements that will not only improve the student experience but will often improve the work of your staff as well.

About the presenters
Cherron Hoppes, EdD, Chief Academic Officer, RNL
Dr. Cherron Hoppes is a veteran higher education professional with expertise in academic administration, including learning outcomes assessment and curriculum design. Her career experiences have been diverse: working for a mid-sized public institution and small, private institutions to support traditional undergraduate students as well as post-traditional working adults seeking degree completion or graduate degrees. Over her rich career, Cherron served as the chief academic officer for Helix Education for over six years. Prior to that, as the dean of undergraduate programs for the Ageno School of Business at Golden Gate University. She holds a Doctorate in Education, focused on Higher Education Administration, from the University of Alabama.

Scott Jeffe, Vice President of Graduate and Online Research, RNL
Over more than 20 years, Scott has worked with almost 300 institutions in 40+ states to apply market data to strategic decision making in relation to graduate, adult undergraduate, and online programs. With this focus on profiling the demands and preferences of professional graduate students, adult undergraduate students, online students, etc., Scott has developed an understanding of how institutions can align their student demand while upholding institutional mission and values.

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