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How HBCUs Build Demand

Sustainable enrollment is a thriving objective for every institution of higher education. Driving demand for strong recruitment is one element with another element that focuses on a retention plan that continuously engages and encourages current students to persist and graduate. Also, creating an innovative and strategic enrollment plan can elevate an institution to ensure long term viability in what has become an increasingly competitive marketplace.
HBCUs have the distinct advantage of drawing from a strong legacy and history with its alumni and current student population. The growing enrollment at many HBCUs is a trend that can be harnessed to create a sustainable enrollment initiative.
Watch this webinar as we explore the data, marketing components, and strategies that can help HBCUs create sustainable enrollment. This series promises to give campuses data points to drive strategy and create ideas to drive conversations on campus.
About the presenters
Adam Connolly, Vice President of Enrollment Management, RNL
Adam Connolly has more than 15 years of experience in higher education, specifically enrollment management. He served as Vice President of Enrollment Management and Marketing at Coker University (SC) prior to transitioning to RNL. At Coker, Adam led an enrollment team that helped the university achieve record enrollment numbers three different times during his tenure. He currently serves as Vice President for Enrollment Management at RNL. Adam’s area of experience and interest lies specifically in enrollment pipeline foundation, financial aid leveraging, and comprehensive enrollment and retention best practices.

Keyana Scales, Vice President and Senior Consultant, RNL
With over 20 years of professional experience in the areas of admissions, recruitment, scholarship and financial aid leveraging, and student success program design and implementation, Keyana brings extensive subject matter expertise related to strategic planning, master planning and overall student success.
Keyana Scales

Raquel Bermejo, EdD, Associate Vice President Market Research and Planning, RNL
Dr. Raquel Bermejo analyzes existing research, inquiry, and conversion data in addition to conducting original research with college-seeking students and parents to understand the trends and student behaviors. Her research informs and enhances the services the company provides.

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