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Instructional Design: Fundamentals for Success
How Institutional Stakeholders Can Support Great Online Instruction

While there are dozens of factors influencing institutional success in online education, nothing is more essential than offering great learning experiences. High quality online instruction that facilitates learning and engagement contributes to greater student retention and satisfaction.
Building quality online programs is not a translation of face-to-face instruction but rather a transformation. This requires a different way of developing content and instruction: starting with the learning objectives will benefit the student.
With students of all types increasingly focused on their ability to get a job upon graduation, linking learning objectives to workplace skills has never been more important. In fact, developing an expertise in doing this in your online programs can also benefit all students at your institution.
This is a whole team effort that includes every stakeholder group on campus. While faculty are at the core, other teams including enrollment, registrar, finance, leadership, and marketing and outreach need to get involved and KNOW what is happening so they can "sell it" from each of their unique vantage points.
Watch this webinar as we discuss the fundamentals of great online course design in a way that will help every stakeholder gain a working knowledge of best practices that will equip them to advocate on behalf of excellence. We discuss:
  • Using learning objectives to drive online course and program design.
  • Aligning learning objectives to workplace skills and demonstrating the value to students.
  • Involving campus stakeholders in course design to enhance the overall online student experience and institutional buy-in.
Watch to find out why institutions as diverse as University of Tennessee at Martin, Michigan State University, Columbia College Chicago Online (IL), University of Saint Francis (IN), Brenau University (GA), Clarke University (IA), and many others have employed many of RNL's best practices.
About the presenters
Emily Wood, Director of Instructional Design and Development, RNL
Emily is an experienced higher education professional who helps institutions set strategic vision for instructional design and program development, as they bring key academic programs online. She leads RNL's team of instructional design experts to provide high-performing services that amplify program success and elevate the experiences that students and leaders in higher education have. Over the past 12 years, Emily has applied her instructional design expertise to develop industry-driven authentic learning experiences, to produce courses built on Open Education pedagogies, and to lead course peer reviews for quality assurance in curriculum. Prior to joining RNL, she taught online and on campus as an Associate Professor and served as the Founding Director of the Center for Engagement and Learning at Pierce College.
Emily Wood

Scott Jeffe, Vice President of Graduate and Online Research, RNL
Over more than 20 years, Scott has worked with almost 300 institutions in 40+ states to apply marketing data to strategic decision making in relation to graduate, adult undergraduate, and online programs. Over 20+ years, he has developed expertise in how institutions can align with student demand while upholding institutional mission and values. He is the principal researcher for RNL's 2022 Online Student Recruitment Report, the 2021 RNL Graduate Marketing and Recruitment Practices Report, the 2021 RNL Graduate Student Recruitment Report, and dozens of RNL blogs and articles.

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