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Keys to Creating a Great Annual Marketing and Recruitment Plan

What does your institution want to achieve? How will you accomplish your goals?
A well-conceived marketing and recruitment plan should provide answers to there two questions—with clearly defined roles, responsibilities, actions, and metrics. Yet many institutions do not have the kind of marketing and recruitment plans that are crucial to their success.
Watch this webinar to help you take a big step toward creating the plan that will help you take the right actions to meet your goals and monitor the metrics that will measure your success. You will learn:
  • Overall strategies for successful recruitment cycle planning.
  • Key steps to creating the plan: SWOT analyses, KPIs, goal setting, and action plan development.
  • How to monitor progress and stay on track by correlating dashboards with your CRM.
About the presenters
Sarah Keating, Vice President for Consulting Services, RNL
Sarah Keating offers more than 28 years of experience as an enrollment manager. Her areas of expertise include strategic enrollment planning, marketing and communications, web management, and international student recruitment. Ms. Keating previously served as vice president for enrollment and marketing at Keystone College (PA).
Sarah Keating

Dr. Megan N. Luft, EdD., Executive Director of Admissions, Shippensburg University
Dr. Megan Luft has committed 16 years to higher education and six years to the retail industry, serving in various leadership positions along the way. She earned her Doctor of Education in educational leadership and management and two certificates in leadership and accountability. She considers herself a servant leader and works to empower those on her team. She is the executive director of admissions at Shippensburg University where she leads a team of 18.

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