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Donor Engagement in the New Normal:
Results of the Advancement Leaders Speak Survey

We have released our annual Advancement Leaders Speak Survey results—our periodic look at key trends and priorities for donor engagement.

Watch this webinar to hear what fundraisers facing the same challenges you are confronting said in our survey. Key topics include:
  • A report on the number of open fundraising positions in advancement divisions across the nation.
  • Key factors that fundraisers think are influencing turnover, and what we can do to keep talent in our shops.
  • The current emphasis for fundraising outreach channels like phone, text, email, giving days, and crowdfunding.
  • Key advancement challenges and what fundraisers say holds the most promise in the coming year.
  • What we can learn from top brands that keep our loyalty, and how we can adapt for-profit marketing strategies in donor engagement.
We also jump into recent hot topics for fundraisers, including dealing with the paper shortage impacting direct mail, the impact of giving options like DAFs and crypto, along with your questions on FY23 strategy.
About the presenters
Sarah Myksin, Senior Consultant, RNL
As senior consultant, Sarah is focused on providing strategic consultation and critical insights to help RNL partner programs innovate and succeed. Sarah works closely with RNL project teams to ensure success, maximum return on investment, and a great donor experience. Before coming to RNL, Sarah served as director of annual giving at DePaul University, where she integrated new digital technology, expanded giving day efforts, and launched successful annual giving and crowdfunding programs. Over her 15 years of advancement, she's also held roles at great institutions like American University, Point Park University, Georgetown University, and Wesleyan University, her alma mater.
Sarah Myskin

Brian Gawor, Vice President, Research, RNL
Dr. Brian Gawor coordinates actionable research, insights, and content to fuel the success of RNL partners. Previously, he served in annual giving and major gift leadership roles at Knox College and Illinois State after starting his career in student affairs and enrollment. Brian also hosts our bi-weekly LinkedIn Live broadcast and the Fundraising Voices podcast.

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