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How to Meet Enrollment Goals With Family Engagement
What the latest research says about communication, test policies, campus tours, and more

More than 30 institutions from across the U.S. joined forces to survey nearly 6,500 families of prospective college students! The results are in, and they are exciting!
Watch this webinar to learn how your team can use this information to create a state-of-the-art communication strategy to reach and engage prospective families.
We answer these questions:
  • What channels should you be using?
  • How often should you communicate with them?
  • What information are prospective families looking for?
  • What do they think about your campus tours?
  • How do they feel about test-optional policies?
  • How can you help them make sense of it all?
We unpack those results and leave you with a better understanding of how you can improve communication with your students' parents and families to meet and exceed your enrollment goals.
About the presenters
Raquel Bermejo, EdD, Associate Vice President of Market Research and Planning, RNL
Dr. Raquel Bermejo analyzes existing research, inquiry, and conversion data in addition to conducting original research with college-seeking students and parents to understand the trends and student behaviors. Her research informs and enhances the services the company provides.

Dave Becker, CEO, CampusESP
As SVP of Product Management at Ellucian, Dave was responsible for dozens of Higher Education solutions supporting 1,200 global customers. In his 18 years of experience in education technology, he's had the opportunity to visit and present at over 300 different colleges, campuses and conferences around the world. He has a passion for innovative thinking, and leveraging technology for student and university outcomes.

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