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2022 Cost to Recruit a Student:
Turn the Latest Benchmarks into Strategy

When it comes to college recruiting costs, are you spending too little or too much? How do your staffing numbers and overall spending on marketing/recruitment activities compare to other institutions? Where should you be spending post-pandemic?
Watch this webinar to review latest data and trends on college recruitment costs and learn how to:
  • Leverage key benchmarks to impact positive return in your institution.
  • Track and use current trends in budgeting, resource allocations, and recruitment.
  • Spend more effectively and efficiently on recruitment and marketing relevant for your institution type/size.
About the presenter
Sarah Keating, Associate Vice President, RNL
Sarah Keating offers more than 20 years of experience as an enrollment manager. Her areas of expertise include strategic enrollment planning, marketing and communications, web management, and international student recruitment. Ms. Keating previously served as vice president for enrollment and marketing at Keystone College (PA).
Sarah Keating

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