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Program and Course Design to Impact Enrollment

Today's student is juggling more than ever before. For many, a high quality online learning experience is an important pathway for reaching their educational and professional goals. Design decisions in the structure of the program and the learning experience can strongly influence student success.
In this session, RNL experts explore how program and course design choices, utilizing sound pedagogical practices, innovative technologies, and authentic assessments will maximize students' engagement and performance.
About the presenters
Cherron Hoppes, Ed.D., Chief Academic Officer, RNL ENABLE
Cherron is a veteran higher education professional with expertise in academic administration, including learning outcomes assessment and curriculum design. She is also well versed in enrollment management, adult education, and technology to support student services.
Cherron Hoppes

Dr. Paula Schmidt, Dean for the College of Graduate and Professional Studies, Clarke University
Paula began her educational career in K-12 special education and has 20+ years of higher education experience at the faculty and administrative levels. Paula's interests and experience focus on supporting the success of all learners through creative instructional design and delivery, engaging course management, and innovative educational practices.
Monroe A

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