On-Demand Webinar
Boost Your Enrollment Results Through
CRM Optimization
Thursday, September 16th | 2pm ET
Enrollment management has become more data-driven than ever. It also means that having a robust CRM is essential to your enrollment success. Yet many institutions have CRMs that are underutilized, inefficient, or misaligned with your enrollment goals.
Watch this webinar to learn how you can optimize CRMs such as Slate to power your student search campaigns and meet your enrollment goals. During this session, our presenters discuss how RNL can help you get the most out of your CRM.
  • See how you can improve data integration and communication flows as well as assess and optimize your CRM.
  • Find out how RNL experts can tailor your CRM to your specific enrollment goals.
  • Learn how you can really put your data to work for your marketing and recruitment campaigns, increasing engagement with prospective students.
Note that while this webinar discusses strategies that can apply to all CRMs, the presenters focus specifically on Slate.
About the presenters
Robert Tallerico, Vice President for CRM Implementation, RNL
Robert Tallerico has a long background in higher education enrollment and has built a reputation for developing strong client relationships and innovative solutions. Prior to joining RNL, Robert worked as a CRM consultant, helping dozens of undergraduate and graduate admissions offices both implement new instances of Technolutions Slate CRM and streamline existing Slate instances. He has also served at several institutions, including as director of enrollment operations for undergraduate admissions and financial aid at Columbia University as well as director of enrollment management at Penn State University Fayette.
Robert Tallerico

Sarah Keating, Vice President for Consulting Services, RNL
Sarah Keating offers more than 25 years of experience in the field of enrollment management and has consulted with more than 75 institutions on annual recruitment and marketing planning, strategic enrollment planning, data analysis, predictive modeling, communication, and direct marketing management. She previously served as vice president for enrollment and marketing at Keystone College, doubling the college's enrollment during her tenure.

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