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Are You Making the Most Out of Your Data? Translating Insights into Action for Student Success

Many institutions are struggling to make meaningful improvements in retention, graduation, and more importantly, success rates. Those seeing positive outcomes use advanced analytics—a variety of cognitive and machine-learning data—to change course.
All colleges and universities have data, but do you have the right data? How is it organized? Are you using it correctly? Most importantly, how do you translate your insights into actions that increase retention, persistence, and success at your institution?
This webinar demonstrates how you can use predictive and prescriptive analytics, overlayed with an individual's motivational and behavioral attributes, to inform strategies and tactics that improve each student's outcome.
About the presenters
Brandi Phillips, Executive Consultant, Student Success Solutions, RNL
Brandi Phillips works closely with colleges and universities to promote and support student success initiatives. In particular, Ms. Phillips provides guidance and support in using the College Student Inventory, the Mid-Year Student Assessment, and the Second-Year Student Assessment. Offering a wide range of experiences, Ms. Phillips has worked with traditional and nontraditional students in academic advising, career development, first-year programming, and student engagement.

Zach Varga, Vice President, Client Services, Othot & TargetX
Zach Varga collaborates with higher education institutions to interpret insights through advanced analytics—recommending actions that help colleges and universities meet or exceed their enrollment and student success goals. Over the last 15 years, Varga has worked in a variety of industries in customer success, project management, and operations roles. His focus has always been on improving the  customer experience.
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