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6 Strategies for Successful Enrollment Management Today
Thursday, May 6th | 2pm ET
Data tells a story. It may not always be the story we want to hear, but knowing what it says allows for intentional, strategic, successful enrollment management decisions to impact student recruitment and retention. We have seen changes in higher education that are nothing short of revolutionary, expedited in the last year because of the pandemic. Shifts in access to higher education, the gender and ethnic composition of classes, the number of students attending college, and technological innovations are just some of the sweeping changes that have made higher education an increasing force in the social, economic, political, and cultural life of our country.
But change is hard. And we all know that the rate of change in higher education is slow. For all the ways higher education has propelled us forward, we sometimes resist and even fear the changes brought on by ensuring generations of college students. Advances in social media and digital marketing has forced the hand of change. However, if there is a lesson we have learned, it's that adaptation is not an option in enrollment management. Change and succeed or resist and fall behind.
Join this webinar to learn the top 6 strategies for successful enrollment management in today's higher education environment.

About the presenters
Andrea Gilbert, Senior Vice President, Client Engagement, RNL
Andrea Gilbert oversees the Enrollment Marketing Services division at RNL for clients using search, application generation, predictive modeling, and marketing services. In addition, she has served more than 60 campus partners in the US and United Kingdom. For over 12 years, she has partnered with campuses to achieve their recruitment goals through the use of predictive modeling services, search and application generation strategy, and territory management, ultimately recruiting the students who are the best fit.

Jason Langdon, Senior Vice President, RNL
Jason Langdon leads RNL's undergraduate enrollment team of sales consultants. He has more than 25 years of higher education enrollment experience at both private and public campuses across the country. His particular areas of expertise include student recruitment and admission, as well as academic policy. In Jason's current role, he embraces the challenge of solving problems for our campus partners and learning how RNL programs fit into those solutions.

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