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How to Power Enterprise Enrollment Growth & Shaping Across the Student Lifecycle

As the Online and Graduate markets evolve, campuses face new complexities as you look to quickly scale new programs, transition seated courses to online, or recruit more students to existing online or graduate programs. Student expectations demand digital engagement - from how we market to how they learn. RNL now has a solution that radically empowers our campus partners to grow in these markets by adapting quickly to market changes while enabling you to be operationally independent.
In this 30 minute, Q&A session with RNL's President and CEO, Sumit Nijhawan, you'll learn more about this growing market and how RNL Enable provides a comprehensive suite of services and technology to power enterprise enrollment growth and shaping across the student lifecycle.
About the presenters
Sumit Nijhawan, President and CEO, RNL
Sumit Nijhawan is president and CEO of RNL and oversees all aspects of the business which serves more than 1,900 campuses and nonprofits each year to maximize results across a connected student lifecycle, including enrollment, student success, and fundraising.

Aaron Mahl, Vice President, Graduate and Online Partnerships, RNL
Dr. Aaron Mahl possesses broad knowledge and experience in all areas of enrollment management including recruitment, retention, marketing, and the strategic use of financial aid. He joined RNL in 2013 delivering enrollment management consulting and strategic financial aid solutions to RNL partners. Aaron worked with dozens of campuses to optimize their enrollment practices and financial aid policies. Currently, Aaron works with colleges and universities using RNL's services for graduate and online enrollment.

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