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The Digital Engagement Center in Action

RNL has moved engagement centers online to maximize donor engagement in this challenging time. The Digital Engagement Center is an omnichannel platform that can engage donors across calling, texting, and video, all driven by advanced prescriptive analytics. Integrated communications that tap the power of mobile devices have kept fundraisers on track with goals, and set records at some institutions.
This webinar explores how the transformation of what we used to call "phonathon" is maximizing the investment of RNL partners, including insights on:
  • A behind the scenes look at the new technology that integrates channels
  • How you can reach 3x the supporters with integrated texting and personalized video
  • How advanced analytics can drive your efforts and maximize ROI
  • How institutions are setting records for engagement success, even in this challenging time
About the presenters
Shad Hanselman, Associate Vice President, RNL
Shad Hanselman is an experienced fundraising professional dedicated to advancing the art and science of annual giving. Before coming to RNL, Shad served in senior roles at Arizona State University, Northern Illinois University, and Western Michigan University. Shad now coordinates RNL's next generation omnichannel donor engagement strategy for hundreds of client partners.
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Lauren King, Director of Annual Giving, University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Lauren King is a higher education leader with nearly two decades of experience, and has served in annual giving leadership roles at the University of Carolina, Wilmington for the past 11 years.

Brian Gawor, CFRE, Vice President, RNL
Brian is a 20-year higher education veteran and donor engagement expert who coordinates RNL's research and actionable insights to propel our partner's success. Hear Brian and guests on the popular Fundraising Voices podcast.
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