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How to Reduce Melt and Boost Yield
Wednesday, February 26th | 2pm ET
Are enrollment pressures and NACAC changes keeping you up at night? With these new headwinds, proactive summer melt prevention is more important than ever before. There is still time to have an impact on your 2020 incoming class. Join us for an interactive panel discussion to learn how two institutions have reduced melt by over 15% and how they leveraged the power of peer-to-peer engagement via RNL Melt Prevention, powered by Nearpeer, to make students 6 times more likely to enroll.
In this webinar, you will learn:
  • How to foster peer-to-peer engagement to reduce summer melt
  • Best practices to deliver quantifiable impact on your yield
  • The experiences of two institutions and how they went about achieving incredible results

About the presenters
Christopher Quinn, Nearpeer
Ale Sosa Pieroni, AVP, FA & Affordability, RNL
Becca Hubbard, Director - Retention and Student Success, LSU

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