Student Success Strategy Consultation
Talk with our experts on how you can increase student retention and completion
How can you help more students progress and persist from term to term and year to year? Increase completion rates? Connect students early to the resources that will best help them succeed?
Talk with our student success strategists about how you can take a proactive, data-driven, and holistic approach to student retention and completion. We can help you with:
  • Creating data-driven retention strategies that focus resources where they will have the greatest impact.
  • Predicting which students are more likely to be at risk.
  • Gaining actionable, real-time attitudinal data from students through calling, email, and texting campaigns.
  • Identifying institutionwide barriers to student retention.
  • Revealing motivational factors that indicate where students need assistance.
  • Assessing student satisfaction and priorities to reveal top priorities.
  • Addressing student wellness and connecting students who need help to the right resources.
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