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RNL OPM Alternative
Learn how the RNL OPM Alternative provides more transparency, control, flexibility, and ROI than traditional OPMs.
The RNL OPM Alternative offers a comprehensive solution for online program management that transforms your approach to online enrollment. Ask for a free consultation with our online enrollment experts.
3 reasons to talk with RNL today:
  1. Find data-informed strategies and solutions. Every recommendation we make is driven by market research and solid data, so that you always take the optimal steps for your institution.
  2. Drive leads and enrollment through omnichannel engagement. We work with you to engage prospective online students across the channels they use every day: search engines, digital advertising, social media, texting, email, mail, and phone.
  3. Work with an experienced partner. RNL has partnered with 1,900 institutions and worked with hundreds of graduate and online programs at public and private institutions.
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