2021 RNL Advancement Innovation Summit
September 22-23 | FREE REGISTRATION
It’s time to challenge the norm in donor engagement. Whether you're looking to build a more loyal base of annual givers, identify a pipeline for big gifts, or engage new groups of supporters, these sessions from our interactive online event provide new insights to drive immediate results for your institution.

5 reasons to attend the 2021 RNL Advancement Innovation Summit
  1. Hear industry experts share new tactics to maximize engagement, including the digital engagement center and omnichannel campaigns that combine traditional methods like phone and mail with integrated texting and video greetings.
  2. See how AI-driven personalization breaks through the competition for your donors' attention.
  3. Explore emerging technologies being used by RNL partners to engage new groups of donors.
  4. Learn how these innovations can be adopted quickly and on a tight budget.
  5. Discover actionable steps to drive innovation in your program.
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