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RNL’s 2023 Graduate Student Recruitment Report

Talk with an expert about how the demands and expectations of today’s graduate students align with your current practices.
Among the 25 findings that will be critical to graduate enrollment growth are:
  • Almost 100 percent of graduate students start their search on a search engine. Are your SEO and digital marketing practices aligned and fine-tuned for success?
  • Almost half of graduate students think that a slow response indicates that they are not important to you. How quickly do they expect a response, and are your recruitment operations set up to make a positive impression?
  • More graduate students are interested in fully online study than fully classroom study, but they expect quality instruction. Do you have sufficient online offerings and are they configured according to students’ expectations?
  • Graduate students are highly attuned to costs – but also outcomes. Are you positioning your tuition and associated costs effectively to ensure students maintain their interest?
Consult Goal: We want to help you succeed. RNL can fill the gaps in your practices and policies for which you need help in aligning with graduate student expectations. In our consultation, we will review the findings of the research and also share how we assist our partners through transparency and agility to help them reach their enrollment goals.
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John Doe
Senior VP - Client Engagment, RNL
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