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Your Communication Plan Is Broken: Why Enrollment Marketing Needs to Change

The old way of recruiting students has become obsolete. The traditional, institution-centric communication plan doesn’t work with student populations who expect personalized experiences that focus on their individual needs.
It’s critical that colleges and universities shift to meet these expectations and embrace a new paradigm of student-driven enrollment marketing—the RNL Student Journey.
RNL Student Journey is a trailblazing approach to student engagement, one that is more relevant, more timely, and more effective for today’s students. Watch this webinar to learn how to:
  • Engage students by providing a more authentic experience into their world – personalized, online, and social
  • Deliver a journey driven by your students' interactions that allows them to learn about their interests as they learn about how your institution will fit their needs
  • Identify where to find the right students based on RNL research and advanced analytics
  • Implement our latest innovation, RNL Student Journey, which combines advanced analytics, personalized engagement and industry-leading insights to solve new enrollment challenges
Get ready to transform your enrollment marketing and connect with more of the right students. Watch this can’t-miss webinar on-demand. 
About the presenters
Caryn Stein, Vice President, Marketing, Ruffalo Noel Levitz
Caryn Stein is dedicated to helping colleges and universities combine data and technology with compelling experiences to create more effective marketing for their missions. She is a nationally recognized speaker and trainer, having helped hundreds of organizations optimize campaigns through modern marketing, emerging platforms, and digital communication tactics. Caryn has spent nearly 20 years building advanced digital and social strategies for nonprofits, universities, and social enterprises.

Patricia Maben, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Ruffalo Noel Levitz
Patricia Maben leads the development of enrollment management innovations for RNL, including new strategies, services, and technologies for higher education enrollment. She has worked with colleges and universities across the country to build successful enrollment strategies. She served for 13 years in college admissions before joining RNL 11 years ago, most recently as a vice president for enrollment.
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