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2018 Retention Excellence Award Winners Share Their Strategies for Xtreme Student Success
Wednesday, January 16th | 2pm ET
Join us to learn how four campuses developed innovative student success initiatives that increased student success, completion rates, tuition revenue, and reduced loan debts in Xtreme ways. You’ll leave with new ideas to enhance your programs that have already been applied and proven to work on diverse campuses.
Presenters from these institutions will discuss the strategies and results for their award-winning student retention programs:
  • Palo Alto College of the Alamo Colleges District (San Antonio, Texas): Palo Alto College increased its first to second year retention rate more than 7 percentage points using its Advising Scorecard and AlamoADVISE case management advising structure.
  • Augustana University (Sioux Falls, South Dakota): Augustana University raised fall-to-fall freshman retention 5.5 percentage points through a new retention model that embedded extra support and retention-focused resources in students’ day-to-day experiences.
  • Saint Louis University (Saint Louis, Missouri) Saint Louis University’s Retention and Student Success Council increased retention and graduation rates to all-time institutional highs, and its increase in graduation rates helped reduce average student loan debts by $5,600.
  • The University of Utah (Salt Lake City, Utah): The University of Utah developed the Student Success Advocates (SSAs) program to provide students with individualized, holistic support and have had 29,000 interactions between university students and the SSA staff reaching out to them across multiple channels and making 12,000 referrals to campus partners.
Who should attend?
Deans of student life/student affairs
Deans of academic affairs
Enrollment managers
Retention committee members
About the presenters
Janene Panfil, Senior Vice President for Retention Solutions, Ruffalo Noel Levitz
Stephen Minister, PhD, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Augustana University
Joni Krueger, Registrar, Augustana University
Billie Streufert, executive director of Augustana's Student Success Center
Gilberto Becerra , Vice President for Student Success at Palo Alto College, Alamo Colleges
Katherine Beaumont Doss, Dean for Student Success at Palo Alto College, Alamo Colleges
Michael Ximenez, Vice President of Academic Success at Palo Alto College, Alamo Colleges
Amy Bergerson, Director of the Student Success and Empowerment Initiative, Undergraduate Studies, The University of Utah
Martha Bradley, Associate Vice President Academic Affairs, The University of Utah
Jay W. Goff, Vice President of Enrollment and Retention Management, Saint Louis University
Cari Wickliffe, Assistant Vice President of Enrollment and Retention Management, Saint Louis University
Jean Cox, Director of Student Financial Services, Saint Louis University
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