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Re-Imagining Enrollment Marketing: How Austin College is Increasing Projected Program Enrollment by Nearly 20%
Thursday, December 14th | 4pm ET
Today’s students are different in almost every way. To meet evolving enrollment goals, institutions must embrace a radically different approach to student recruitment that meets this generation on their terms.
Faced with increasing competition, Austin College recently partnered with Ruffalo Noel Levitz to launch an innovative program to re-establish enrollment growth and maintain a high-quality academic profile. Join our upcoming webinar to hear from RNL experts and the team from Austin College to learn:
  • Why an ultra-personalized, student-led approach can help your institution meet targeted enrollment objectives
  • How dynamic content and engagement scoring created a more compelling experience for students and parents
  • How RNL Academic Program Student Journey transformed Austin College’s strategy for boosting enrollment of biology majors
"RNL Academic Program Student Journey was a great fit. It allowed us to be highly targeted toward a population that is strong academically and persists at Austin College well."
—Nan Davis, Vice President for Institutional Enrollment
About the presenters
Matt Krov, Associate Vice President for Product Management, RNL
Matt has over 15 years of enrollment management experience at selective institutions, most recently serving as the Dean of Admission at Austin College before coming to Ruffalo Noel Levitz. He has a strong passion for aligning recruitment practices with student engagement practices.
Nan Davis, Vice President for Institutional Enrollment, Austin College
Nan has served as Vice President for Institutional Enrollment at Austin College since 1999. A past president of TACAC, Davis has served as a member of the Executive Boards for GPACAC, SACAC, and TACAC and as a NACAC Assembly Delegate for both SACAC and TACAC.
Baylee Kowert, Executive Director of Institutional Enrollment, Austin College
Baylee has worked in the office of Institutional Enrollment at Austin College since 2005. She begin as a recruiter before finding her niche in data analytics and CRM management. As a member of TACAC, she served for three years as co-chair for volunteers for the Dallas NACAC fair.
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