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Essential Building Blocks of Effective Enrollment Planning Processes
Tuesday, October 17th | 2pm ET
Having a comprehensive, data-informed enrollment planning process is a driver of institutional success. But what does a “good” process look like? And how can your institution elevate your enrollment planning to the level of great – to ensure enrollment growth and stability for years to come?
Register for this free webinar to learn what successful campuses do to create an effective, efficient enrollment planning process, including:
  • The difference between annual and strategic enrollment planning processes
  • Fostering collaboration across the institution
  • Integrating enrollment planning with other institutional cycles (academic calendar, annual budgeting cycles, strategic planning cycles)
  • Data needed for effective planning
  • The relationship of enrollment planning to institutional metrics: Key Performance Indicators and other measures of success
  • Moving from planning process to planning cycle: planning, implementation, measurement, and updates to the plan
  • Ensuring alignment with institutional mission, values, and strategic visions
About the presenters
Dr. Lewis Sanborne, Vice President, Ruffalo Noel Levitz
Dr. Lewis Sanborne is Ruffalo Noel Levitz's leader in strategic enrollment planning. He offers nearly three decades of experience in higher education and enrollment management, with a range of expertise including annual and strategic enrollment planning, student success and retention, quality service, and organizational development. Additionally, he recently edited the second edition of the book: Strategic Enrollment Planning: A Dynamic Collaboration.
Dr. Anne Monroe, Vice President, Recruitment Consulting Services, Ruffalo Noel Levitz
Anne Monroe has served in admissions and student services since 1997. Her areas of expertise include enrollment management, campus marketing, adult and transfer student enrollment, and student services such as advising, residential life, and counseling. She has also published articles on transfer students in The Community College Enterprise and has presented sessions at numerous regional and national conferences.
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