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Fundamentals of
Strategic Enrollment Planning
Tuesday, May 30th | 2pm ET
Is your campus prepared to meet the changing academic demands, employment needs, and increasing diversity of learners in the coming years? As a professional in higher education, it’s up to you to answer that question and ultimately promote sustainability, growth, and excellence throughout your institution.
Strategic enrollment planning provides a systematic approach to achieving ongoing stability, ensuring that you can meet the educational, financial, and material needs of your students and your institution. Register for this free webinar to learn:
  • Why strategic enrollment planning is important for your institution and how to use publicly available data to make the case for launching a strategic enrollment planning project
  • The fundamentals of strategic enrollment planning and what distinguishes it from other kinds of planning
  • How to organize your strategic enrollment plan to maximize effectiveness and to gain institutional buy-in
About the presenter
Dr. Lewis Sanborne, Vice President, Ruffalo Noel Levitz
Dr. Lewis Sanborne is Ruffalo Noel Levitz's leader in strategic enrollment planning. He offers nearly three decades of experience in higher education and enrollment management, with a range of expertise including annual and strategic enrollment planning, student success and retention, quality service, and leadership and organizational development. Additionally, Sanborne recently edited the second edition of the book: Strategic Enrollment Planning: A Dynamic Collaboration.
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